Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Please Don't Disturb People

Just as ysterday i continue my schedule, wokring in apex and Ot until 7 o'clock, reach home is around 8++

I send an message to my boy boy and heard a news that the girl, still contacting my boy boy, as soon as i recieve his mum call asking me whether she still sms or phone him, i said no and directly getting the answer from my boy ( i wonder why my english and story like so confuse)

that girl is still asking him by sms and phone that should she bought some mooncake for his parent?

What is the purpose of this? If she really want to treat elder good and fair, why don't she automatic and bought for them?

Itsn't this abit outragegous?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long time no see..

It's true that I am very forgetful. I forgotten I has an online blog LOLX.

Recently I start to feel like my life is getting better, I has a very good boy friend now and was congratulated by a lot of friends and family, although at first were rejected by my mother, but now finally I'm able to lead my own life.

But, on last week, I am sad because his Ex sms him and telling a lot of thing that I don't want to face so soon, I always know that his ex will come back, but I don't want it to be so early, it's only officially 3 months we together after we knowing for a year. I hate you, EX.

Well, after I find job for 2-3 months, I have a well understanding on the surrounding situation, it's like everyone is so tension over their lives and was squishing everyone, I hate this kind of feeling and I also faced a lot of interview that disappoint me, first is salary too low and working hours too long, second is during interview don't know why get scolded for nothing (by a Malay), lastly is all the job I applied even thought they put it as 'Fresh Entry level encourage to apply' but it's only a waste of time after I went to the interview, of course spend me a lot of money traveling around.

Hope I can get my job soon. I pray, Amitabho.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Time to fly~~

Well, it's time to go out from my own world and see the world, recently i has decided to move out from Kajang to Kuala Lumpur, I wonder what's make me made this decision, I just asked my bother whether he can cover all the expenses of house or not and yet he only can find 3 part time job instead of a full time job, which earn lesser than his full time job or only break-even. Which it's time of which I need to be more financial independent, I am trying to search job and couldn't decide on whether i got time to go for the school and also interview, since I'm still haven't finish yet my diploma because my last exam will be at June, 2009.

Haiz, its time to focus on both, i could not let my family suffer if i do only one thing in the whole time, i must do twice or triple thing in short period of time, because the situation now is desperate, very desperate. I wonder why I must bear all burden? I wanted to have a spoiled kid life also, why should i become different from people since i was a child?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

my wesak day~~

Going to exam yet busy on enjoying the wesak day.. Amitabho~~ here are some of the pictures, enjoy enjoy and enjoy~~

Location: Kajang, Selangor

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What can I do recently? Continue busy with my schedule, books, job, school, friends, bus trips, money problem.. and what else?

A bit of bored of my life now, like no excitement and nothing for me to enjoy, except watching manga online.

But recently back ache terrible, really, I do not know when injure, and lacking of care, now making it worst.. hope it will recover soon.

Don't think about the pain, it will be alright~

See you all, keep in touch ya~

Friday, March 27, 2009


Today, to avoid the similar case happen again while waiting for bus to pick us up, I take an umbrella from school (people forgot and I pick up) and waiting for that guy make his move.

when arrive town, I search for that man and want to give him my best shot and let him taste my manliness, sadly.. no sexually harassing pressence of him..


Thursday, March 26, 2009



Yesterday, when I finished my night class, i went back to my town by taking bus, once I reach my town and due to the tiredness, I sat on the bus station chair while waiting for my 11.15 pm bus, I reached my town around 10.30pm..

The bus station was so silent, only a few of the taxi drivers around and some of the passenger also waiting with me, suddenly I realized that an Indian man wearing white long blouse and a jean, was rubbing his private area in front of me and a Malay girl was sitting beside me, my heart said :" uh oh, better look away." and I spoke silently to the Malay girl and warn her to concentrate to the surrounding area, frightening that man will walk near us and try to rape any of us..

So, me and the girl is chatting and waiting, the bus station become deadly silent after the hawker store closed and some of the passenger went back with taxi or get on their bus, left only me and the Malay girl, with several man around with distance far from us. I was so scared and caution, I do not dare to let any of my guard down, it's because the Malay girl is still 17, I can't run without her, I must do what a normal human will do when facing cases like this. The Indian guy is walking around while rubbing his anal, I swear in the name of mine, if I were have a knife or wood stick around me, I will give him a hard time! But I did not bring anything believing that nothing will happen, oops, my luck was ran out on yesterday..

Till 11.15 pm, the bus to my garden has arrived, me and the Malay girl get on the bus in a fast movement, couldn't stand the man and scared thing will go worst, luckily the bus has saved us and we actually endure it more than 30 minutes... and surprisingly, the man waiting outside the bus, spotting our seat, and starting to rub his anal again outside the bus, this time, thing goes worse.. he open his jean zip and showing us his anal and rubbing it...

I am in a deep shock and furious, I asked one of the Malay man that sat behind us to look at the Indian man, that man also shocked by the action of the Indian guy and staring fiercely on the Indian man, and the Indian man ran off.

When I reached my home, I wanted to cry in front of my dad but I believe that it will make my dad worry about me, so I just told him what happened and say don't worry, and then I told my cousin about this, with half joke she said :" you earn, you should laugh not cry." In a lamenting mood I was and I told my brother about this incident, believe that brother shall understand well, but then he replied :" none of my business." that is why sometime I found that hard to communicate with them.

Couldn't bear the pain and was in a deep shock, I tried to clam myself but I couldn't.. so scared even after I spoke with one of my friend through telephone.. I still having a nightmare, I slept at one o'clock but continuously woke up every hour, and having nightmare, I cried..

But now, I feel better, I swear the next time, he is going to pay for it. May god bless me, amitabho.